SuccessConnect 2022 — Product Keynote Summary

Sid Bhattacharya
3 min readNov 19, 2022
SF Homepage

Reimagined homepage — provided quick access to goals, learning courses, rewards, time tracking, and more.

3 years back, it started with HCM>HXM — Creating individualized experiences for employees and providing moments that matter to them. The reimagined experience of the SF home page provided that, by providing this information on the homepage rather than navigating to a new place.

SF DC Improvement

Datacenter improvements — every single tenant will be upgraded to a public cloud-grade hyperscaler infrastructure. This will have significant improvements in load times.

Powerful service delivery experience with Work Zone — Go beyond HR tasks and processes. Using Work Zone, companies can seamlessly integrate HR, finance, procurement, and other enterprise workflows.

SAP Build AppGyver

Extend SF suite with a Low-code, No-code solution — With AppGyver in Work Zone, customers can now extend the capabilities of SF and create guided processes quickly and easily.

Use case using WZ + AppGyver — Build a new cross-boarding experience to complement an existing onboarding experience in AppGyver. AppGyver provides a drag-and-drop editor to create UI, connect data via APIs, and trigger workflows in the backend systems. WorkZone allows AppGyver apps to seamlessly integrate with existing processes making it simple to expand HR service delivery.

SF — Talent system for a future-ready workforce

Talent System for a future-ready workforce — The future of work involves providing a suite to help organizations create up-skilling opportunities while measuring and connecting progress to career and business outcomes.

The ‘Whole Self’ model — is all about who people are and what they want to be from their work styles, passions, and values to their aspirations and experiences.

Growth portfolio — enables employees to showcase their skills, style, strengths, preferences, and ambitions.

Skills Ontology — creates connections between all skills that an organization should care about using industry data and machine learning.

Growth portfolio + Skills Ontology = Inferred skill recommendations — to help employees improve their portfolio and optimize the opportunities presented to them.

Dynamic Teams (DT)- Today and the future of work are all about flat, cross-functional teams working together. Dynamic teams in SF help with this. These are more of a function of who you know than what you do.

Opportunity Marketplace(OMP) — Provides employees the ability to find internal opportunities that align with their skills, vision, values, and passion.

Use case DT + OMP — Finding a program manager for a project. Create an assignment in DT to intelligently source candidates while providing attributes like conflict resolution, which is part of the self-model and the required skills.

SF — Integration across SAP and Beyond

Conclusion — Talent Intelligence Hub makes skills management more accessible and powerful for organizations and employees by connecting skills, people, and opportunities.

Dynamic Teams — How people work

Opportunity Marketplace — Where people find work

Growth Portfolio — What skills, style, and strengths do people have

Whole Self Model — Who people are and what they want to be

Skills Ontology — Create connections between skills

Inferred Skills Recommendations — Improve employees’ growth portfolio and optimize the opportunities presented to them



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